Located at a strategic junction between Faqra, Faraya and Kfardebian, Farqa Scenes residences offer proximity to the most active and fashionable ski resorts in the country

Overview & Lifestyle

Faqra Scenes provides a haven for anyone pursuing a refined trendy lifestyle. It embraces the dynamic outdoor activities of aficionados, creating a comfortable and homey indoor setting.

The project has been designed to focus on privacy , while still providing every duplex with an open view of the splendid mountains below.



Each one of the 49 units in Faqra Scenes is a duplex, available in three different sizes, all equipped with private entrances and parking areas.

The ground floor duplexes enjoy a personal garden, ideal for outdoor activities of all seasons.

Penthouses with private terraces expose on the extended views captivating the magic of the surrounding nature.


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